AMERICAN GRANITE COMPANY is an importer and wholesaler of Marble and Granite slabs in the American market, located in Chicago IL, Charlotte NC, and Naples FL.

We specialize in providing superior materials, competitive prices, as well as dependable service to our customers.

Our company is part of the Franco Caruso Group, producer of marble and granite slabs, located in Massa-Carrara / Vittoria (Italy). This partnership enables us to provide exceptional quality and a consistency of colors.

Our distribution is also growing in Canada, with Mondial Granite and Marble located in Toronto ON, Windsor ON, Calgary AB, and Edmonton AB. In addition, we are diversifying our inventory to include quartz, marble agglomerate, and porcelain slabs. Backed by knowledgeable and experienced staff, our commitment is bound to the excellence of the product, complimented by exceptional service.

Our Mission

To expand the presence of our brand in North America, satisfying the high demand and commitment we receive from our loyal customers providing an encore experience acquired by excellent service. Moreover, the prestige of American Granite Company goes hand in hand with the quality of our products and their beauty, as well as the professionalism and reliability of our services.

Our Vision

American Granite's goal is to become a leading company in the trading of granite and marble slabs in North America. Essentially, to be recognized for the quality of our products as well as for our determination and diligent experience.