Marble and granite have been used since ancient times for architectural purposes, each stone may provide distinctive characteristics to a structure. Granite is popular for its vigorous hardness, sustaining environmental issues as well as, providing strength and durability. Made of natural stone, granite is a conservative choice for indoor or outdoor use, in addition to high traffic areas such as, bathrooms, kitchens and countertops requiring minimum to no maintenance. Moreover, the magnificence of marble provides glamor and versatility in its unique form. Spectacularly varied in colors, textures and quality, marble grants added value to any structure. Essentially, used for decoration, coatings and sculptures, it’s imperative to evaluate its strength and beauty when selecting. Hence the importance of choosing an experienced and trusted supplier.


American Granite Co is pleased to announce the launch of CQS Quartz and Touch Porcelain. Each product line is based upon our client’s exclusive and unique workforce necessities. As a company we strive to be the lead source to our client’s particular aim. Keeping in perception their preference and taste while designing and engineering CQS Quartz and Touch Porcelain.


We specialize in providing superior materials, competitive prices and dependable service to our customers.

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